we need an application for carrying cargo.

I need to know is it possible for your esteemed company to cover below requirements in 2 new applications?
Application items of transportation of passengers:

1) This application should design for among different cities trips in all Iran (for example from Tehran to Mashhad, from Esfahan to Shiraz,…)

2) This app should support all rules and regulations of the government of Iran

3) The app should be consistent with Islamic culture of Iran

4) The system and process of payment and receipt and taxes and rights of Iran's government should have been respected and observed by this app.

5) The alarm system for checking driver’s level of consciousness and vital signs should be embedded in application during the trip.

6) Certification of driver’s car should be available and visible on this app.

7) This application should inform the control room the expiry dates of certifications same as insurance 1 week earlier.

8) This app should make a list of responsibilities of each person (passenger and driver) based on Iran rules.

9) The time of lunch or dinner or time of rest should be determined at the beginning or during the trip if it is necessary

10) This application should consist on a list which the owner of cargo should determine the name of cargo, weight , package, volume, material , percentage of dangerous cargo, storage temperature

11) The owner of cargo should have an access to load the photo of cargo if it is necessary

12) It should be pay attention to this app that the cargo is perishable or not.

13) This app should be in connect with other bearing companies and offer the best service based on price, quality of car and company history, comments of other users.


Please contact us if you are capable in this field.