Brief Introduction

Oil Sludge Treatment System is to use chemical to wash the oil sludge with heat to temperature of 60-70 C degree. After washing the slurry is pumped to separation equipment to separate into oil, water and solids. The recycled water can be reused in the washing process, and the oil is clean enough to sell to the refinery company, the solids contain less than 2% oil which can be sent to biodegradation or thermal unit for final disposal if needed.


Oil Sludge From

  1. Crude Oil tank cleaning sludge
  2. Refinery plant waste oil sludge
  3. Drilling waste oil sludge

Test Unit (GNOST-02C)


The above unit is a test unit with capacity of 2m3/h, Dimension: 6058*2438*3182mm This unit is a compact designed unit for test or small capacity treatment. Include: Pre-Mixing & Heating Module, Chemical Dosing Unit, Screening Module, Decanter Centrifuge, 3 Phase Centrifuge.