The first step of making an order is to determine your request,

Hematite or Magnetite , Types of  iron ore In terms of appearance and percentage of Fe: Fines, Lumps, Concentrate, Pellets,....

The size of fines and lumps is needed and the mesh of concentrate.

Based on your quantity we can check which way of transportation is good, ship or container.

The price is based on customers’ suggestion and customers’ price suggestion is based on target price of Platts indicator.

The way of sales of iron ore in Iran is based on tender, the company that offers the best price will win the tender.

The common Percentage of Fe in iron ore is 58%  , 62% , 65 % , 68% and even more than 68% ( the percentage would be a little more or less. the exact percentage will inform when you want to sign proforma.). the percentage can be according to your request.

We formed a professional and expert team to review and check all  processes such as mine and product owner, the way of transportation from mine to port, SGS organization (We will do SGS 2 times, one time from mine and another time from containers to become sure that the cargo is exactly in accordance with your request.), stuffing process, shipping line, kinds of container for our shipping, reserving warehouse in port, reserving ship,... to make sure you will be delivered goods 100% safe without any problem and worry.

In summary we need your analysis sheet, quantity, destination port, manner of payment, incoterms.