Gilsonite also known as Natural bitumen and Uintaite have a lot usage in the industry like in the field of asphalt and road construction, insulation, paint and epoxy, ink jet and printer toner production and casting.

Gillsonite is found in approximately, smooth and vertical veins in a range of 100 km long and 50 km wide and is found in the United States and Kermanshah Province of Iran

It is possible for us to provide Gilsonite according to your specification physical properties(Softening Point, Penetration Test, Ductility, Fraass Breaking Point, Thin Film Over Test, Viscosity, Specific Gravity, Solubility, Flash Point, Marshall,  Sieve Analysis  Extraction) and element analysis(%Ash content, Moisture content, Carbon wt%,...).

We can offer you  Hunch, Granulate and Micronized forms in the package of Multilayer laminated bags,Multi-Layer Paper Cases, Multi-layered sticks, jumbo bags or in Bulk....

please determine your quantity, specification, payment manner, incoterms and port of delivery to start a massive business.

A series of the largest and best Gilsonite Mines that we visited with foreign investors and buyers are displayed at the bottom.