In October of this year1397(2018), the National Iranian Copper Industry Company, with 25% increase over the program (17827 T), managed to produce an unprecedented 22.286 T Copper Cathodes. In total, copper production during the first seven months of this year1397 (2018) produced 136.980 tons of cathodes, up 18 percent from the program.
The existence of many Copper mine in Iran and its export to other countries caused Iran to supply about 3 percent of the world’s Copper reserves. During the first seven months of 1395(2016) , about 200 kg of Copper ingot was exported to other countries which is about 1.193.376 usd
According to customs statistics, the first 11 months of 1394(2015), 19.728 T copper and other products of that which is about 112.240.000 usd was exported to other countries.
Based on official statistics of MINISTRY OF INDUSTRY, MINING AND COMMERCE, the country’s Copper production was 262.500 T (2009), 265.600 T (2010), 259.100 T (2011), 245.200 T (2012), 222.700 T (2013)
According to the MINISTRY OF INDUSTRY, MINING AND COMMERCE, by the end of the year 1393(2014-2015), there are 71 copper mines discovered which 51 active mines ,20 inactive mines and 9 mines being equipped.
on the one hand, Iran is on the global Copper belt, and on the other hand, is a producer of copper products which the goods that produce have the good quality, so neighboring countries producing copper products are not comparable to Iranian products in terms of price and quality.
Iran is the third country in Asia in Copper reserves and Iran is taking steps to export 2 $ billion.

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