There are 3 ways to buy LPG from Iran: 

1) You can make an order of LPG on a monthly or long-term basis. it means for every purchase you make, you also pay the full amount for that part.

Now the maximum volume of Petrochemical is 2.500.000 T which will be increased up to 4.500.000 -5.000.000 T next year.

2) You can set your demand for a long time and buy from petrochemicals in advance under a contract. It means you contract an agreement for pre-order. In this way you can get some benefits that should discussed with petrochemical company.

3) There are some projects in this field that some of them are waiting for investors to start and some of them are in the middle of process and you can participate in these kinds of projects, so a twofold profit in the cooperation will be created in this way.You are one of the investors in projects so the process of purchase LPG will be more easier for you.

We offer you the choice of the second and third options. In this way, your purchase will be much more rigorous and less risky

Conditions of LPG purchase:

If you are intreseted in makeing an order you should determin your requirment and specification of LPG as a LOI, 

Quantity, incoterms, term of payment, term of delivery , LAYCAN time and feature of ship are important points which you should announce us.                   

 Accepted currancies are USD and Euro.

The formula for the gas loaded: 
Platts LPGwire The price per tonne of liquid gas delivered to the US dollar based on the published rate in the LPG Posting section for Saudi Propan CP and Saudi Butan CP on the date of the bill of lading and the percentage of propane and butane delivered plus / minus alpha (fixed number ) Agreed on the day of the transaction.
The CP indicatore is calculated every month.

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