We need an application for carrying passenger.

I am writing to explain you the current available transportation application and our request from you.

Now we have some applications and transport systems in Iran same as Snapp, Carpino, Tap30, Diling ….

How these applications work?

These transportation systems are carrying people the inside of the city, for example inside of the Tehran, or inside of the Mashhad,…

In other words the drivers which register on these apps, just can transfer passengers inside of the one city, they cannot move and transfer passengers from Tehran to Mashhad or from Esfahan to Tehran.

The current apps are not usable for transportation among cities. Because the rules of transportation among cities are different from inner cities and it should create 100 % safety for people.

There are some companies which offer some apps for this goal but were not complete, because the rules of accepting interurban transportation are very difficult so we should observe all angles and aspects of the law.

Some details of application that should be considered:

The cars which are traveling among cities should observe the rules same as technical examination certificate, driving license, adding some equipment for monitoring the path, traffic, driver and passenger health status.

The driver’s hour and health certificate must be controlled for example how much time does he drive? How much time does he rest? How much time does he need more rest? Application should not let drivers accept trip request continuously without rest, two drivers should be for far trips, and this application should show the places that are set for rest in the way.

Path and way should be showed in this app for example which way is better for trip? Which way is high risk? Which route has the risk of falling mountain? Which rout is more slippery when it rains? The way of trip is highway, dirt road,..

This app should show the online report of weather bureau and road administration. Offices have some rules , the app should receive all notices and information then use them and notice to users, some of these information are news, some of them are warning ( for example unsafe road, use wheel chains, risk of falling mountain) and some of them are dissuasive same as fines.

This app should determine the payments and tolls of path and cargo which are set by Department of finance, and the fee of insurance for all passengers and cargo and all dangers which insurance offices calculate according to kinds of trips.

So the application should be able to link to all these organizations.

Executing company should be connected with companies which are active in transporting and those who are establishing right now and the drivers which want to become private member of app and it should provide an opportunity to exchange information.

The limits and authority of Software Company must be specified. It is possible that government wants to control and monitoring some parts or all parts of this app.

Passenger and cargo needs should consider on this app: selecting one rout and personalized trip, choosing group trip ,it means the app should have an access for passengers to determine date of trip 1 week sooner till one car( 4 passenger) fill with different people, bus( 30 or more passengers), van( 8 or more passengers) so it is economical for passengers.

This app should has some services to show the time of train , airplane, bus ,… then chose the best and economical way of trip for passenger , for example transfer them from their home to terminal, from one terminal to another, from terminal to airport,… (In other words a passenger wants to go from Tehran to Mashhad the app should offer like below services:

1) moving from home to terminal then using bus and going to Mashhad terminal then using subway from Terminal to your hotel (it is economical) 2) moving from home to airport then using private car from airport to hotel ( it is fast) , 3) selecting  a car which have 3 another passengers( app should inform how many man and woman are your fellow traveler)  from Tehran to Mashhad (this is middle) ,…

Also this app should have an access to explain our demand for example no smoking on car, no music, light music, or some features for passengers who are child or lady.

Guaranteed destination: if a car has an accident or need to repair this app should replace another car on the way, for example manage 2 passengers add to a car which arrive 15 minutes later and 2 another passengers add to another car which arrive 30 minutes later, or some empty car be available on the way always.

Data analysis: this app should use information and data of app to improve services, for instance which services be one-way which rout is better, which path is economical, which pass is fast, the app offer the best time (for example if we trip 2 days later instead of today we can save money), path, cost, welfare services (gas stations, Emergency, resort, repair shop, restaurant, …), …

At the end the passengers should write their comments and idea about car, driver, cost,…

Please contact us if you are capable in this field.