Housing has been one of the most basic and important human needs to date, and has always been looking for ways to achieve a more favorable and cost-effective outcome.

One of the ways to improve housing is through the use of industrial and semi-industrial construction systems, which in the technical term refers to the use of prefabricated and semi-prefabricated assemblers. One of the best methods for producing semi-prefabricated buildings is the use of wood, which is the most abundant and most commonly used material in nature, which is also a feature of environmental compatibility that has attracted much attention to wooden buildings.

Since Iran is at the beginning of this field and has a very wide field of activities and work, it can be transformed into a change in the housing industry with the participation of foreign investors and Iranian companies active in this field.

Transmission of bridge construction technology and multi-storey buildings, and more importantly, the short duration of a project in a country that has all the fields of progress and capital attraction factors is the best choice for economic and profitability.

In addition to building a house, wood can be used in interior decoration and stadium construction, library, school, hospital, etc.

Currently, many Iranian companies have expressed their interest in providing land and labor, equipment and facilities, and we have been able to communicate fruitfully with the active investors in this field that made Iran the best country for big projects and transferring of modern machines.

Currently, one of the largest Chinese companies’ active in multi-storey buildings and a bridge ready to cooperate in this field.