Advantages of investing in Iran for LED

the demand on LED lighting specially indoor LED light in Middle East and Iran market is going to increase dramatically and Iran factories are not able to cover all orders, we could have a broad partnership to meet the market demands together.
High demand for Led light is not the only issue but also raw material and energy price are another important issue that should be considered as an advantage of investing in Iran.
Indeed, the raw materials such plastic, Iron, copper and Aluminum are cheaper than other counties, because Iran is a rich country in copper and iron mines.
Meanwhile energy is cheaper in comparison with other countries. Also, workforce in my country is not too expensive.
The other advantages for investing in Iran, is that Iran’s location is more closer to the target market in comparison with the china, while exporting from china takes too long time.
These factors are caused that the final price of production being cheaper than China.




Our plan

Our analysis and searching in Iran market and making comparison between led street light and indoor led light shows production of indoor LED light is a good investment in current situation of Iran. Indeed, investing in indoor LED light is our priority.
We are pleased to announce that our company has bought a land that can be considered as a good opportunity to establish a factory in cooperating with your team.

Therefore, our team is seeking foreign investment to  cooperate with us for LED production.