The main production of our company is to manufacture electric scooters and bicycles. We have over 500 sales representatives throughout the country, which are positioned to meet mass market demands. At this stage, we have planned to produce new design of Aluminum and plastic frames for our productions.
Therefore we are seeking a company which has partnership with us to import most of the parts of electric motorcycles including battery, Engine, circuit control, from china and assemble in our factory. Please be noted that the frame will be produced in Iran.

We strongly welcome the team who has a great experience in Manufacturing of bicycle parts and motorcycle parts for cooperation; we offer you good opportunities to compete more in the Middle East, Iran and global markets.

Indeed, we want to use your experience and technical information to produce bicycle, scooter and motorcycle’s parts in Iran and cover local and regional market. Also, we strongly believe that the final price of production will motivate you to cover your local market, too.
If you are interested in cooperation please inform us to express more about the details.






Some advantages of cooperation with Iran are outlined as follows:

Advantages of investing in Iran

• Market demand
Please be noted that demanding on bicycle and motorcycle in Middle East and Iran market is going to increase dramatically and Iran factories are not able to cover all orders, we could have a broad partnership to meet the market demands together


• Raw material
High demand for e-scooter  is not the only issue but also raw material and energy price are another important issue that should be considered as an advantage of investing in Iran.
Indeed, the raw materials such plastic, Iron, copper and Aluminum are cheaper than other counties, because Iran is a rich country in copper and iron mines.


• Energy & workforce
Meanwhile energy is cheaper in comparison with other countries. Also, workforce in my country is not too expensive.


• Iran’s location
The other advantages for investing in Iran, is that Iran’s location is more closer to the target market in comparison with the china, while exporting from china takes too long time.

These factors are caused that the final price of production being cheaper than China.
The following table shows some prices in Iran.


We hope that this will be the first of much cooperation.