There are 3 ways for producing LNG in Iran,

- Iranian Gas Export Company has some projects for producing LNG but now because of Sanctions they have to stop it and they are looking for investors from other countries, The project has gone up to fifty percent so the investor can contract a letter and determine all conditions same as their profit, delivery date, payment manner …., as you know Iran is rich on Gas so if the project is over it can be great for both sides.

- Other way is Natural gas liquefaction vessels, some countries have these vessels that can move it to Persian Gulf , these ships enter Natural Gas then change it to LNG . After this process other ships can load the cargo to destination.

There is something important about investing in Iran that all charges and salary, Electricity, water, Gas… are low in Iran , so it is all profit from each angle that you see. This project is so important for Iran and they will welcome investors.

- Another way is to prepare LNG from Iran’s neighbors, as we send Natural Gas to them then they convert it to LNG. If you are interested in this way we can start negotiation with other countries after your confirmation.


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