Framework Agreement on the Cooperation of Iranian Business

Party A:

Party B:

Due to US sanctions against Iran, some Chinese companies have recently breached the investment contracts and divested their investments from Iran. Therefore, many Iranian companies or individuals need Chinese legal services to protect their rights and interests. Party A has extensive experience and resources in the area of China's investment in Iran, and has Iranian clients in need for Chinese legal services. Party B has extensive experience in providing legal and business consulting services to foreign clients.

Party A and Party B decide to draw on strengths in their respective fields, and to achieve a win-win situation with clients while helping clients solve their problems. The Parties exchanged opinions in depth with the above spirit and objectives. The Parties hereby agree on business cooperation as follows:

Content of Cooperation
Article 1 Business Cooperation
Party A shall promote business cooperation between Party B and Iranian clients known to Party A in need for Chinese legal services (hereinafter referred to as “the Business”) in the following methods:
A. Party A shall recommend/promote Party B’s team to the clients of Party A, which includes:
a) clients whom Party B gets acquainted with in a conference call, video conference, etc. held by Party A;
b) clients who have established business cooperation with Party A;
c) clients that Party B has met through introductions or arranged interviews made by Party A.

B. The aforementioned recommendation/promotion includes that:
a) Party A shall meet his client together with Party B’s team;
b) Party A shall hold conference calls, video conferences, etc. with his client related to the Business.
c) Other ways to recommend or promote Party B’s Business to the clients of Party A.

C. Party B's team shall actively cooperate with Party A's promotion of the Business in the preceding paragraph, including timely providing the latest and relevant information, reasonably arranging time, well preparing relevant contents, and patiently answering questions.

Article 2 Profit Sharing for Promoting the Business
Where Party B accepts the entrustment from Party A's client(s) resulting from the above-mentioned promotion activities, with respect to the engagement fee charged by Party B based on the engagement agreement relating to the Business (hereinafter referred to as “the Engagement Agreement”) Party B shall share the engagement fee with Party A as follows:
After Party B’s acceptance of entrustment from Party A's client(s), if Party A does not participate in the entrusted business, Party A shall get【】% of the total amount of the engagement fee and Party B shall have 【】% thereof; if Party A provides business consulting services, the share proportion shall be adjusted to 【】%:【】%.

Article 3 Disclosure
In order to enhance communication and exchanges between the Parties, Where Party B has entered into the Engagement Agreement with the client(s) of Party A, Party B shall notify Party A such execution(s) and relevant information, including the case summary, total amount of engagement fee, engagement fee prepaid, etc., before the 10th of each month,

Article 4 Dispute Resolution
Any dispute arising from or in connection with this Agreement shall be settled through friendly negotiation between the Parties.

Article 5 Miscellaneous
This Agreement shall become effective on the date of signature by both Parties. This agreement shall be executed in two counterparts. Each Party shall hold one counterpart.

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Party A:
Party B

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